Team play isn’t just about sports: Destination Imagination for grades 2-5

Above: Neary’s Destination Imagination team took home first place at a regional tournament last spring (contributed photo)

Registration for this year’s Destination Imagination competition has begun. Woodward and Neary students are eligible to participate.

The season is scheduled to start next week, so you’ll need to sign up quickly.

Children will have the opportunity to learn skills including teamwork, problem solving, analytical thinking, creative expression, and public speaking.

Students will be assigned to teams of seven. Teams will be challenged to work together from September through March to solve a challenge from one of the following fields: Theatre, Improvisation, Science, Community Service, Architecture, and Engineering.

Teams will meet for two hours each Saturday over the course of 25 weeks. They will research a topic, write and enact a play, and solve a technical element.

20130904-destinationimaginationIn the spring, teams will compete in the March Regionals.

Teams that place will continue on to the state competition in April with an ultimate goal to reach the global competition in June.

The town’s program is run through the Southborough Recreation Department by Imagination Unbound.

Registration isn’t available online. But you can access the relevant materials through the fall/winter brochure (see page 7 for details and use the registration form on page 20.)

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