Meet The Friends of the Southborough Library

This is part of a series profiling organizations in our community. Volunteers or staff will clarify who they are and what they do. You can learn about how to utlize their resources, join or help. 

The Friends of the Southborough Library

To help the Library:

  • develop, maintain, enhance and increase use of its facilities, resources, and services for the public;
  • provide cultural and educational opportunities to the community;
  • encourage literacy, love of reading, and ongoing self-education in the community, both young and old.

Main activities:
Fundraising and communication efforts on behalf of the Library.

Our biggest challenge:
Engaging active volunteers to participate at the planning and organization level.

Most common misperception:
Probably, the belief that helping FOSL is time consuming. Volunteers can give as little or as much time as they want.

How can people join?
Send an email saying you want to be on our member list. (It’s that simple.)

How can people best help?

  • Get on our list. Then you can help out by responding to emails when we have specific volunteer requests.
  • Participate in discussions about to improve the library or to raise more funds, by coming to a monthly meeting. (These take place the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm.)
  • Or bypass us and volunteer directly for the library. (Library Volunteers are trained for routine tasks and assist in keeping the library organized.) Stop by the front desk (or call 508-485-5031) and let them know you would like to help them out.

Contact:, Facebook: The Friends of the Southborough Library

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