Poll Results: How full is your glass, Southborough?

Last week, I asked readers to let me know how they feel about living in Southborough. The answer was overwhelmingly positive.

Obviously, the survey is skewed by who takes the time to participate. But I’d like to think it means most of you are happy here.

Over 90% think it’s a good town or better. Only a few felt unhappy or trapped. Here are the detailed results in order of popularity:

52% –  It’s not perfect, but I love it here.

30% –  We have our problems, but it’s a good a town.

8% –  I couldn’t find someplace better to live.

4% –  We have too many problems, but it’s not bad.

3% –  I’d rather live most anywhere else, but I’m trapped.

2% –  Just cause I’m here, doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.

Above: My graph based on results gathered by polldaddy.com

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