Interboro Band for adults and older students

I wonder how many members of our community look back fondly on younger days playing in a school band.

Just because you’ve long (or recently) graduated doesn’t mean those days have to be over.

Southborough Recreation is trying to pull together an Interboro Community Band. The group will play traditional band concert and marching music. A concert performance will be held at the end of each session.

Membership is $55. If this venture is successful, the band will meet in Trottier Auditorium on Monday evenings (7:30 – 9:15 pm). The first session would run this month through January. A second session would be February through June.

New members will play for the music director for seating and part assignments.

This is also open to students playing at a high school band level, subject to approval of the music director.

The band is in danger of being cancelled for lack of registration. So if you are interested, please sign up ASAP.

(I have to note, I didn’t see this as an adult listing. It was on the page with youth – so perhaps others missed that as well.)

(Photo posted to flickr by Unhindered by Talent)

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Steve Phillips
10 years ago

I’ve played in my share of community music organizations, and not one of them charged a membership fee for musicians. Perhaps this might be a clue as to why the band is in danger of being cancelled. Playing in a musical organization is a benefit to the community, not a revenue opportunity.

Mark Ford
10 years ago


I imagine many music organizations get funding from their community arts councils, and I’m not sure that Interboro does. I know they’re not-for-profit (really, probably more “seat of the pants”) and that any $$ they collect goes to purchasing new music and a small stipend for the music director. I think that’s about it…my son participated a couple of years ago, loved it, learned a ton–it was a no-brainer investment. I do hope they find enough musicians to continue, and I’d hope that if the membership fee were a problem, they’d discuss that, too.

10 years ago

You are correct the funds collected pay for the Director and for supplies. A very small portion covers Recreation’s administrative assistance and insurance. This is the program that Dennis Wrenn, ARHS Band Director, used to operate. When he passed folks came to Recreation and asked us to support and continue the program. We’ve done our best to support it but it seems there is a lack of interest now.

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