Who’s knocking at my door? Boy Scout popcorn fundraiser (Updated)

Recently, door to door salespeople have made residents nervous. (Are they scoping out my property? Are they conning me with a phony fundraiser?) So, Troop 92 asked me to let the town know that their scouts are out raising funds this month.

Of course, the scouts will be easy to identify. They should be in uniform when they come to your door. They should be shadowed by an adult. (So if you see a “suspicious adult” loitering on the street, look to see if he’s trailing a scout before calling it in!)

Troop 92’s annual popcorn fundraiser started this weekend. Scouts will be out through October 20. (Orders will be delivered the week of November 17.)

As in past years, the scouts will be selling popping corn, microwave popcorn and pre-popped flavored varieties. 70% of the money stays to support the local scouts.

This is the troop’s main fundraiser for the year. (The other town troop, Troop 1, holds the spring pancake breakfast.)

It is the money raised from these sales that allows the boys to learn how to plan for and participate in camping trips, hiking trips, kayaking and so much more.

It also funds the various community service projects done for the town by the scouts.

It also teaches them goal setting, time management and planning skills by having to conduct the sale themselves.

So, if a Boy Scout knocks on your door, please be friendly. And consider supporting their troop.

Updated (9/24/13 11:47 am) The Eagle Scouts are responsible for raising funds for their special community service projects through other means, not the popcorn fundraiser for the troop. (So how did the Senior Center fence get funded? Someone has promised to share that story with us soon!)

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