From the Culinary Underground: Chasing the Dragon Grilled Corn

[This is the latest in an ongoing guest series brought to you by Southborough’s Culinary Underground. In this installment, Chef Lori shares a recipe for an addictive version of Mexican grilled corn.

Note: I know that corn season is over. But I’ve found that even off season corn on the cob is delicious when grilled and seasoned Mexican style! So I thought I’d share Chef Lori’s recipe from last month.]

Okay, the title is a tad dramatic. After all, grilled corn on the cob is nowhere near as addictive as opium, right? Wrong!

There are people who would happily eat COTC everyday during its season. And grilled corn takes things to a whole ‘nother level. Just ask the people of Mumbai or Mexico City – it’s a popular street food in both countries. Indian vendors swab the charcoaled-ears with lime and dredge in spices; Mexican cooks slather the cobs with mayo, lime, chili powder, and top with cojita cheese.

We’re all about what we call “dragon sauce” around here, which is mayonnaise flavored with sriracha sauce. It’s the same coral-colored sauce that you find drizzled on your maki rolls at sushi restaurants. It’s amazing on grilled corn, both delicious and practical, too, because the mayo doesn’t drip off of the cob like butter does.

Now, there are people who think they don’t like mayonnaise; they are not to be pitied, but gently and firmly forced to eat this delicacy. Remember, it’s not about shaming; it about educating. But warn them about the dangers of eating too many ears of this stuff; the only thing chasing this dragon should be a nice, cold beer.

Our Favorite Grilled Corn
(4 servings)

4 ears corn on the cob
Canola oil
¼ Cup mayonnaise (Hellman’s is best!)
1 Tablespoon sriaracha sauce (adjustable, of course)
Big squirt of lime

Husk the corn and brush very lightly with canola oil. Sprinkle with a little salt.

Grill the corn directly over hot coals or HIGH heat, turning every few minutes, until the kernels are nicely charred. This usually take about 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of the ears and the heat of your fire.

While the corn cooks, mix the mayo, sriracha, and lime in a bowl. Taste it and adjust the seasonings as you like.

Remove corn from the grill; immediately slather with the mayo. Serve immediately.

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