A chance to improve Southborough’s commuter rail schedule

The MBTA is looking to make improvements to the Framingham-Worcester commuter rail. Among changes they are considering is schedule adjustments and additions.

They are soliciting feedback from businesses and commuters. If Southborough commuters want their needs met, this is the time to speak up.

At an October 2nd meeting with the 495/Metrowest Partnership, the MBTA informed them that they are still accepting comments and recommendations.

The MBTA is asking commuters and businesses to answer the following questions:

What train departure times at which stations would increase your / your constituent’s use of the line?

Which stations would you recommend as express stops and at what times of day? (We will schedule peak hour express service at stations that experience high demand and offer pedestrian and bicycle access and sufficient car and bicycle parking.)

What train departure times would best serve reverse and off-peak commuters?

What weekend schedules would be most beneficial?

Comments can be sent to worcesterline2013@mbta.com.

According to the MBTA’s October presentation, the Southborough station averages 418 riders per weekday.

I wondered though, how many of you don’t take the train because the schedule is inconvenient?

Do you commute by car to an area serviced by the train? If so, would an improved schedule change that behavior?

(Photo from MBTA’s October presentation to the 495/Metrowest Partnership)

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10 years ago

I hope folks do submit comments. Something is not working right when riders in zones 6, 7 and 8, those who pay the most, have the fewest options to get into the city. More express trains would increase ridership. Don’t be complacent we deserve better and more frequent service. Folks in zones 5, 4, 3 and 2 have more trains from which to choose and pay considerably less than we do. Send comments and let your voice be heard!

Alan Belniak
10 years ago

Just sent in my feedback. Thanks for the heads up!

10 years ago

Just sent in my feedback. Thanks! Would also love a pedestrian bridge to not have to walk all the way around. Drives me nuts. I sometimes park at the Ashland stop because it takes me less time to get to my daughter’s after school program at Finn!

Former Townie
10 years ago

Twice I had messed up and had to scramble to get someone to pick me up in Framingham after reazling I got on one of those trains that DIDN’T stop in Southborough! Not fun. You only do that TWICE before realizing that not all trains have the same routes.

10 years ago

Thanks, this was helpful and I also submitted a comment. I agree, maybe one more express train leaving the city at rush hour is needed. I may be in the minority here, but I’m not sure why most express trains leaving Boston need to stop in West Natick when that stops is very close to Framingham. Those in West Natick have 2 more options for rush hours trains than we do past Framingham. I think they could give one of those up in order to get those going past Framingham home a little faster.

10 years ago

One of the big reasons I moved to Southborough in 2010 was because the T provided convenient transportation in and out of Boston. For the first year or so I took the T every day but then there was a schedule change and the 6:15pm (S. Station to Southborough) was removed leaving us with the 5:55pm P529 and then nothing until 7:18pm P533.

Most people who work in the financial district area of Boston are in the office until 6pm and need 15 minutes to walk to S. Station so the 5:55pm is not convenient (can’t leave work at 5:40 every day). The alternative is waiting around for an hour for the 7:18pm which then takes over an hour to get home because it isn’t an express. With this option not only do I waste an hour of my day but I am unable to see my kids before they go to bed. With that said, I now drive to work every day which makes my commute over an 1.5 hour each way. My quality of life has deteriorated and I am now contributing to the mess that is the Mass Pike during commute hours every day.

Please consider adding a 6:15pm express (S. Station to Ashland or Southborough) back to the mix.

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