Video: Connections – Main Street area history

Last week, Southborough Access Media produced a new interview show for Southborough viewers, “Connections with Karen Connell”.

Why “Connections”? Within the show Connell seemingly explains, “History really is just a bunch of different connections.”

SAM’s website lists the video as Episode I. Executive Director Katelyn Willis confirms their hope is to produce more episodes as a new ongoing series, possibly monthly or quarterly.

As for what these “connections” are in the premeire episode, Connell’s interviews touch on some of the history around the Southborough Common and Main Street. (A timely topic given the amount of focus around the planned future Main Street reconstruction project.)

The first interview is with David Falconi, President of the Southborough Historical Society. Falconi walks Connell and viewers through some of what the society has learned about the common area’s old burial ground.

Later, Connell interviews author and Framingham University Associate Professor Dr. Jon R. Huibregtse. The discussion includes background on Henry Knox and the signficance of  the Henry Knox trail.

Click below to view the episode or check it out directly on youtube.

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