Video: Algonquin seniors go out singing

Northborough Cable posted this new video to youtube. It’s a musical production by Algonquin seniors.

Last week, Algonquin put on it’s spring musical. This definitely isn’t it.

This “original” work was the annual class project by the ARHS Advanced Drama Class taught by Maura Morrison.

Senior Year the Musical

According to Principal Tom Meade, the play was attended by about 600 audience members.

I haven’t had time to watch the entire show (just under an hour). But I watched a few bits that made me smile.

For instance the closing song includes a description of Algonquin and the district:

Located in Central Mass,
we dominate the sports and the MCAS
We have swag, we have sass
We are the middle class.

This is followed by Southborough students miming arrogantly tossing off money, which Northborough students then scramble to stuff in their pockets.

Judging by the laughter and applause here and throughout, they hit the right notes for their audience.

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