SWL: Peer reviewer supports Park Central 40B traffic study; cautions about follow up development

Above: Google Map showing the area of the proposed development. The condo complex (and potentially future commercial development) would be built near the existing pond on the site. (via Google Maps)

The Zoning Board of Appeals held another hearing on the 40B proposed at Park Central. Last night, the board heard a peer review of the developer’s traffic study.

According to Southborough Wicked Local, the consultant hired by ZBA supported Capital Group Properties’ study on the 40B impact. But he cautioned about the impact of future development on the large site.

Neighbors continued to protest that the added traffic will be dangerous. Concerns focus on neighborhood streets and narrow roads traveled by walking children and bicyclists.

According to SWL, the peer reviewer and ZBA’s chair disagree:

“There is no doubt these roads are not intended to serve notable amounts of traffic, and they are very narrow,” [the town’s consultant] said when pressed by neighbors. “(But) I cannot in good faith say that amount of (added) traffic fundamentally alters the use of the road.”

DeGray said at “peak hours,” the projected additional traffic to go through the neighborhood would be the same traffic generated by eight single-family homes. . .

ZBA Chairman Leo Bartolini said he understands the roads are too narrow, and believes the town should look at ways to “fix” them. However, he said the project in front of the board as proposed doesn’t seem to add dangerous levels of traffic to the road.

Residents have purported that the developer is using Affordable Housing to ease in the traffic from a bigger development.

Capital Group Properties has previously shared their potential plans for the large land tract at Park Central. Alongside the 180 condo units there would be extensive commercial development.

The peer reviewer cautioned “his firm is leery of what future development of Depietri’s property could mean for neighbors”.

Bartolini has repeatedly looked for a way to use this project to allow the town to control future 40B development. He once again asked developer Bill Depietri to consider making the entire housing project rental units.  Depietri responded that he needs to research that further.

Another hearing will be held next month.

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