Featured library pass: The Discovery Museums

Above: Some of the science exhibits that engaged my kids this summer at The Discovery Museums.(Photos by Beth Melo)

The Southborough Library’s website is highlighting a featured discount pass each month. For this month, it’s the Discovery Museums in Acton.

I consider the libray’s passes one of the most underutilized great resources in town. So, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind readers again.

I also wanted to share my enthusiasm for this museum. (It’s not too late to take a summer day to enjoy it with your kids.)

Last month, I took my kids there. They used to love the Children’s Discover Museum when they were tots. But at almost 7 & 9, I was worried they would find the museums boring this summer.

They loved it.

At first glance, the Science Discovery Museum has what look like bare bones, simple exhibits. But they encourage hands on learning that really engaged the children there.

My kids loved “playing” with the equipment and materials. I loved the opportunities to teach them about the science of magnets, force, sound waves, etc. (And though I was less thrilled, they still loved playing in the “baby” play areas at the Children’s Museum, too.)

The library’s discount pass covers up to three people at an admission cost of $5.50 (half price). 

You can find information on this pass and others through the museum pass page on the library’s website.

There you can find the link to their “Museum Passes at a Glance” grid.  This lists each venue’s description, discount, distance from Southborough, parking and other details.

Another link allows you to reserve the passes online, or you can make reservations by calling 508-485-5031. (Please note that the Discovery pass, like some others, needs to be returned by 10am the following morning.)

Below, I’ve included again my gallery of photos showing the diversity of pass offerings through the library (click on images below to open):

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