Skate park grand opening today

Above: After years of lobbying for a skate park, the Southborough Recreation Department announced construction for one is now complete on one of the Finn School tennis courts. (Photo contributed by Doreen Ferguson) 

Time to take out that skate board that’s been hiding and head on over to Finn School. Today marks the grand opening for Southborough’s very own skate park.

The wooden park is complete with ramps, boxes and rails for riders to practice their skills.

Construction began in July, after a series of efforts by the Recreation Department to find a place to accommodate one for the growing number of skating enthusiasts in town.

The park will be open from dawn to dusk and during the school year 3 p.m. to dusk. Helmets are required for persons under 16 years old, per Massachusetts state law (see other rules and regulations below).

20140813_SkateParkRulesandReg_ContributedbyRecDptSouthborough Recreation Department announced:

Southborough skaters this is your park. I hope that you will help us take good care of it and keep it in good condition . . .  enjoy and have fun.

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name withheld
9 years ago

Great, we really need to encourage the skate board group in town right. And we took a court that is almost always in use by tennis players getting real exercise. Stupid in my opinion by the rec department. Every “skater” park I go by is almost never in use. Now the police have another unlit area to patrol for the “skater” culture.

Beth Melo
9 years ago
Reply to  name withheld

I won’t get in a debate with you about the “culture”. But you may be underestimating the demand by families for a safe place for teens to exercise –

9 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

Not that I’m complaining about the service being provided but that article is from five years ago and talks about another schools tennis court. There is a different population of kids out there now and I’d be curious to know where the donations came from. Was it money from north or south side of rt 9?
Did the source of the donations direct which court was to be seized?

Beth Melo
9 years ago
Reply to  Matthew

It won’t answer all of those questions but a more recent article by Alyssa is here:

9 years ago
Reply to  Matthew

Seriously? North side v South side of town ?

Steve Ulfelder
9 years ago

I think it’s great. Kudos to the skaters, their parents, and the Rec Department for making this happen.

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