New school year brings new faces

Above: Assabet Valley’s new teachers this fall. (Contributed photo – scroll to bottom for list of names)

New students aren’t the only fresh faces starting school this week. The schools shared their lists of new teachers and staff for the school year.

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School was proud to announce 13 new additions to their school. (Scroll to end for their announcement.)

The Northborough-Southborough district also included a list of new hires in the back to school newsletter. There were 22 for Southborough K-8, 11 for Algonquin Regional High School, and a new Assistant Superintendent for the district.

Of course, some of these are replacements for staff who retired or resigned. But I noticed that Finn School had a long list including two kindergarten teachers.

Principal James Randall confirmed that the Kindergarten teachers are new positions. This year, the school will have 7 Kindergarten classes. (Last year there were 5, which was down from 5 full days plus a half day class the previous year.)


Northborough – Southborough District Central office

  • Gregory Martineau, Assistant Superintendent

Finn School

  • Nancy Aviles, Special Education Aide
  • Michelle Beebe, Preschool Tutor
  • Lauren Dayotas, Kindergarten Aide
  • Debora Ferreira-Begnami, Kindergarten Aide
  • Katrina Foley, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Elisabeth Hall, Instructional Technology Teacher
  • Michelle Moody, Occupational Therapist, 40%
  • Kristen Peterson, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Emily Shiner, Kindergarten Aide
  • Gabriella Silvagni, Kindergarten Aide
  • Rachel Smith-Caffrey, Special Education Aide

Woodward School

  • Kate Oleson, Special Education Aide

Neary School

  • Jessica Bennett, Behavior Specialist
  • Lindsay Burgess, Special Education Teacher, 50%
  • Hope Cross, ELL Teacher
  • Kathleen Valenti, Principal

Trottier Middle School

  • Andrea Falvey, Special Education Teacher
  • Judith Thapa, French Teacher, 50%
  • Meghan Wixted, ELL Teacher

Southborough K-8

  • John Wiggin, Technology Specialist, Non-Instructional
  • Finn and Zeh Schools
  • Susan O’Keefe, Early Childhood Administrator

Algonquin Regional High School

  • Jill Araujo, Cafeteria Worker
  • Jennifer Cuker, ELL Teacher
  • Ann Fuhrman, Special Education Teacher
  • Hallie Gilbert, Special Education Teacher
  • Catherine Griffin, Business Teacher, 80%
  • Adrienne Holmes, Math Teacher
  • Cameron Martin, Business Teacher
  • Susan Naughton, Spanish Teacher
  • Lisa Pagan, Speech and Language Therapist, 40%
  • Michael Schmich, Physical Education Teacher, 80%
  • Hunter Thoen, Physics Teacher

AVRT announcement:

Thirteen individuals consider themselves lucky to be joining the Assabet Valley faculty for the 2014-2015 school year. Before the students and the rest of the staff returned, this group spent a few days on the school campus, familiarizing themselves with the building, meeting their mentors, and beginning to bond as part of the Assabet teaching family. Kathy Regan, lead instructor for the Health Tech department, and the advisor for the Teacher Mentor program, says she expects great things from this group. “The new staff came in here so excited, so energized, and so ready to jump on board and hit the ground running that I think it is going to be a great year for them, and, subsequently, for our students. They quickly formed new friendships, and began their relationship with their mentor teacher that will continue for two years.”

[Above photo] Shown in front of the school, left to right, Andrea Nykiel, ELA Special Education, Catherine Shanahan, Business Technology, Jessica Stachura, Culinary Arts, Amanda Caputo, Science Special Education, Julia Nogueira, Math Special Education, Ross Abdelnour, ELA, Lacey Lemanski, Technical Paraprofessional, Josh Bir, ELA, Maria Flores, Spanish, Olivia Wirtanen, ELA, Peter Tobin, Science, and Kathy Hart, Practical Nursing staff. Missing from the photo was Randolph Mann who will lead the Marine Corps Junior ROTC program.

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