What the Fire Department’s been up to: Car fire on Mass Pike, burn training and more

Above: This fire on Northborough Road was purposely set – but not by an arsenist. Live burn training is just one of the things our town fire fighters have been up to since their last log (Photo by Chrissy Wills from SFD’s Facebook page)

If you’ve missed the Southborough Fire Department logs of late, that’s because there haven’t been any.

In August, the Police and Fire Departments began use of their new CAD (computer aided dispatch). Eventually, the logs will be published again. But for now, the priority is becoming proficient with using the system.

Luckily, the department has a Facebook page, and they’ve been sharing on it. It doesn’t cover all the action, but it include pictures worth 1,000 words each. So that should make up for it.

Here’s some of what our firefighters have been up to since the last log.

  • Pump Training – August 21
  • Volunteer work continuing on the Fire/Police Memorial – August 29 – September 4
  • Car fire – September 5
  • Live burn training – September 6

Click on the gallery below for enlarged pics with explanatory details.

(Photos are from SFD’s Facebook page. The September 6th images were credited to Chrissy Wills.)

For more photos, go straight to the source: the Southborough Fire Department Facebook page.

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