Southborough Access Media seeking a new home in Southborough schools

Above: Southborough’s cable access station is looking to relocate from it’s current home at Fayville Hall. You can read more about the move and the hall through stories posted by Southborough Wicked Local. (Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

I was going to follow up with a story from last week’s School Committee meeting. But Southborough Wicked Local did it for me.

At the meeting, Sunperintendent Christine Johnson asked for support to form a study group to recommend possible relocation of Southborough Access Media to one of the town’s public schools.

Here are highlights from SWL’s coverage:

Southborough Access Media, the nonprofit group that runs the public access, education access and government access cable channels in town, has outgrown the two small rooms it occupies in Fayville Hall and is looking to relocate, group Director Katelyn Willis said at Wednesday’s meeting of the Southborough School Committee. . .

Willis said that in addition to asking Johnson about the town’s public schools, she has made a similar outreach to two private schools, Fay School and St. Mark’s School. . .

“Wherever Southborough Access Media ends up, it’s for all the schools, all the residents,” she said.

The School Committee agreed to appoint a study group, to consist of Willis, the superintendent, and an administrator, parent and teacher from each school, to study whether any of the district’s buildings would make a good host for SAM.

Northborough-Southborough School Superintendent Christine Johnson described SAM as “a wonderful opportunity.” She said Northborough cable access moved its studio to Algonquin Regional High School in the 1990s and that the high school has benefited from the ability to integrate television production into its academic life.

“Obviously, that’s a high school,” noted Johnson, “so there are numerous questions we’d want to ask” about, for example, security concerns if a community group were to establish its headquarters at a middle or elementary school. (read more)

A seemingly unrelated story from SWL gives more background on where SAM is moving from. SWL’s Donna McDaniel focused much of her column this week on the history of Fayville including the Village Hall. You can read that here.

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