Don’t make paying for college a mistake – October seminars

Rising college costs are a frightening prospect for most students planning for college and families hoping to help them.

Of course preparing to pay for the tuition is a huge concern. But there’s also a big risk to fear.

What if students’ college and career choices don’t “pay off” in the end? How can you avoid making a bad investment in the future?

The Southborough Recreation Department is offering seminars to help students and parents plan for both issues.

The first seminar is for high school students. It deals with making the right college and career choices to avoid future debt problems:

Why College/Career Life Planning?

With Rising costs in tuition, students assuming increasing student loan debt, new grads competing for jobs against those with more experience, students need to be more proactive and strategic about the way they approach college selection, their career and future.

The first class will provide an introductory to strategic futuring followed by a 5-week career life planning seminar to include hands-on activities and individualized coaching to help students learn how to more effectively carry out plans and achieve goals in an increasingly challenging world.

The “introductory class” is on Tuesday, October 7, from 6:30-7:30 pm at the South Union Building. The cost is $15, but you can split that with “a friend”. Registration costs $70pp for the following 5 week session.

The seminars will be run by Life/Career Coach, Kristie Haskell of Pivot, Point, Strategy & Solutions.

For parents, Southborough’s Tim Higgins is back again this year with:

How to Pay for College without Sacrificing Your Retirement

Parents with children of all ages, come hear college planning observations and strategies that you will not hear from your local high school.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How every family (regardless of children’s ages or household income) can more efficiently plan for future college expenses.
  • Why a student’s choice of major matters more than the college they attend.
  • Learn why choosing a “reach” school may be dangerous.
  • The best financial aid and admissions strategy bar none.
  • How to predict your financial aid package even before you apply.
  • Learn why families who make $400,000 get financial aid.
  • The #1 question to ask colleges that may save you thousands off the total cost.
  • Why 529 plans should be the 3rd and 4th place you look to save.
  • How to find the right balance between your college and retirement goals.

This session will take place Tuesday, October 28 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, at the Southborough Senior Center for $20pp.

Higgins is author of Pay for College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement. He has appeared on The Lou Dobbs Show, MSNMoney, CNNMoney, and in SmartMoney magazine and US News, and was named FIVE STAR Wealth Manager in Boston Magazine.

(Photo posted to Flickr by Images_of_Money)

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