Emergency Management shares D-68 Entrovirus update and fact sheet

Above: The CDC’s gives the same advice on the D-68 Enterovirus as parents hear every year on how to stop kids from getting/spreading colds and flues. (Cropped from CDC flyer)

If you’ve been following local or national news, I’m sure you’ve been alarmed by the recent reports of a virus effecting children in our state.

Southborough Emergency Management is now sharing a fact sheet on Enterovirus “D-68” from the Massachusetts Department of Health.

I’m not sure there’s anything new here you don’t already know. But at least these are the facts to date, rather than word of mouth.

Director of SEM, Neil Aspesi shared:

20141003_enterovirus_fact_sheetEnterovirus D-68 cases in New England continue to rise including one death (from complications not directly related to D-68) and reports of temporary paralysis & Polio like symptoms.

Children with chronic respiratory conditions are especially at high risk.

This virus is treatable but early detection and treatment is key. This does not call for everyone to rush to the emergency room for questionable minor symptoms that may or may not be associated with D-68, rather contact your primary care doctor/pediatrician. If HOWEVER, severe symptoms arise and/or the respiratory system (breathing) is compromised – Immediately seek advanced professional medical care through 9-1-1 services or local emergency room.

As with any virus the best action is prevention through good hygiene and distance/shielding. Anyone who exhibit symptoms should practice proper educate and good hygiene and ideally reduce interaction with non-effected persons.

Click on the Fact sheet to the right to open the pdf.

Additional & Current information can be found at: MassDPH’s website or through their twitter account.

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