School Start Time initiative update

At this month’s Regional School Committee meeting, Superintendent Christine Johnson gave an update on the study group for School Start time.

The initiative comes from a parent group’s request to Start School Later. The group is seeking to push the Algonquin Regional High School’s start time to allow more sleep for teens. But, Johnson reiterated that the study group is looking at “innovative practices” rather than “just moving the clock hands”.

The recently formed study group is reviewing research and findings provided by the parent group. The administration led group is reaching out to staff members and Student Advisory members for their participation. It will initially focus on the high school. When to involve K-8 will be determined later, based on their findings.

Southborough Wicked Local took a look at the start time issue in both our district and the region.

With increasing workloads and hormone changes in play, many high school students don’t get enough sleep, recent studies found. While part of the problem is biological, area schools are looking to reduce stress and push back school start times to help teens get more sleep, but those attempts are running into opposition from parents, school administrators and even those who schedule buses.

You can read the full article here.

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