Trail Clearing – December 6

The first weekend in December isn’t all about Christmas. There’s also an event for residents who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

The Southborough Trails Committee is looking for help. Volunteers will clear the way for the rest of us to enjoy town trails.

20141125_trails_clearingOn December 6th, STC will be working to clear overgrowth on the Sudbury Reservoir Trail between Deerfoot and Parkerville roads.

The work will start at 10:00 am at Parkerville Road next to Fay fields.

Volunteers need to sign up in advance by contacting Southborough Recreation at or 508-229-4452.

Be sure to prep and dress accordingly, including work gloves, eye protection, and a water bottle.

They’ll also be looking for volunteers to bring along rakes, loppers, and pruners.

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Update (11/29/14 1:00 pm): Fixed contact email address.

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Allan Bezanson
9 years ago

Welcome news! I’ll be there with my full kit of jungle-fighting weapons. It so happens that earlier today I took some photos there with a plan to contact someone about the dire need for this project, so your timing is perfect.

Overgrown trail, Deerfoot Rd. on the right

Burnett Property viewed from the trail

Allan Bezanson
9 years ago

It’s a jungle out there, so I’m bringin’ my ultimate weapon. If you don’t uproot unwanted growth it will return to fight you back. This tool, even in the hands of small nonmuscular persons, will pop most anything, including small trees, right out of the ground. It’s a blast to use it and listen to the thwups as those devilish plants are uprooted. Here it is …..

PS … Don’t forget to bring good safety glasses!

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