Don’t forget to fill in the town census

The annual town census form was mailed out at the end of the year. This is your reminder to fill it out and send it in.

It’s the perfect time to take care of it. (Who wants to go outside on this brutally, cold day?)

The town is required by law to update its street listing of residents each year. All that’s required by you is to review the information, make any necessary corrections, sign, and return it to the Southborough Town Clerk’s office. (Sign and return the form even if no corrections are required.)

One important use is for an accurate voting list. If you are registered to vote, failure to return the form could get you kicked off the active voting list.

[Note: If you’re not registered to vote, returning the form won’t automatically register you — you’ll have to visit the Town Clerk’s Office to do that. And if you have no intention of registering, you still need to submit the form.] 

As usual, the census reminds you to update information on new or deceased dogs.

It’s related to dog licenses that must be renewed in March. So, if you got yourself a new Fido this year, they want to know. (Whereas, if Fluffy had a big litter of kittens, no need to mention. Apparently, as long as you don’t have enough cats to call in the Board of Health, that’s your business.)

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9 years ago

90% of Southboro residents will not send this back, because you have to put a stamp on the return envelope. If the town really wanted these sent back, they would have the postage waived. Just sayin’

John Kendall
9 years ago
Reply to  -RM-

You can drop in the box outside of Town Hall, or bring it directly to the Town Clerk’s office. Pretty easy to do

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