St. Mark’s fined for wastewater treatment issues

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection released news that they have fined St. Mark’s School.

The $5,500 fine apparently results from a failed inspection at its wastewater treatment facility.

MassDEP found maintenance problems that  “resulted in partially treated effluent bypassing the sand filter units and being discharged on to the ground.” The school’s Director of Communications Charles Greene II assured me that the issue never posed a danger to the community.

The news was publicly released by MassDEP last week, more than 7 months after the inspection conducted in May 2014. The release states that the school has been ordered to fix the problems at the Marlborough Road facility.

According to Greene, the school was notified of the problem in June and immediately set about fixing it.

Following up with the state agency in August, they were informed of additional items to repair. The school and agency agreed on a repair schedule that is in process.

The MassDEP release states:

The school must also provide documentation to MassDEP when all corrective actions have been completed.

“Proper operation and maintenance of this wastewater facility is essential to protect the surrounding groundwater quality and the public health” said Lee Dillard Adams, director of MassDEP’s Central Regional Office in Worcester. “Routine maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities saves money in the long term.”

To see the full release, click here.

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