Community Advocate: Alice Kavanaugh’s 95th Birthday Celebration

It’s nice to have the opportunity to share news on an active town elder who is still with us.

Alice Kavanaugh, an administrative assistant at the Southborough Senior Center, turned 95 this week. The center held a big celeberation for the resident.

The Community Advocated covered it:

Alice Kavanaugh celebrated her 95th birthday Jan. 20 with her family, friends and co-workers at the Southborough Senior Center. In addition to volunteering for many years with the Meals on Wheels program, she’s been working as an administrative assistant at the Senior Center for 12 years. . .

“Alice was in her 80s when she started working here, and she learned to use a computer and our new data system,” [Pam LeFrancois, director] noted. “She’s always interested in learning something new and making the Senior Center better. We all want to be Alice when we grow up.” . . .

“Every day with Alice is interesting and amazing,” [Facilities Manager John Parent] said. “Every time you’re around her, she has a story and makes you laugh. She’s like everybody’s grandmother.”

Selectmen Chair Bill Boland is a longtime Kavanaugh family friend.

“I can’t remember not knowing Alice,” he noted. “She has always had a super-positive attitude on life. She’s a great role model for people to know that you don’t retire just because you’re supposed to retire. You keep doing what keeps you happy.”

To see the full story with photo, click here.

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