Scholarship Committee “desperate” for help

Above: Southborough students who received scholarships from SSAC last spring. Now the committee is asking for help to keep the initiative going. (Contributed photo)

This month, Southborough begin filling out applications for town scholarships. Meanwhile, the committee responsible for granting them publicly announced they are under-resourced.

The Southborough Scholarship Advisory Committee informed the Board of Selectmen that they have the funds they need. What they lack is volunteers.

Chair Doriann Jasinski addressed the BOS last night. She announced that her committee was “desperate for members”. Including her, they have only 4 of the 8 intended members.

According to her introduction by BOS Chair Bill Boland, after 14 years of involvement, Jasinski would like to pass the baton.

Jasinski was proud to share that SSAC has given out about $143,000 in scholarships since its inception in 1987. To keep things going, they are looking for new members.

The chair explained the two levels of involvement. The group meets about once per month from September – May for an hour or less. In addition, there is a little extra work around fundraising activities. 

SSAC’s selection committee has a bigger commitment. That committee reviews applications and interviews candidates. Jasinski estimates that as another ten hours of work for the year.

If you are interested in applying, click here for the volunteer application.

If you would like more information, you can reach out to Jasinski. Her contact information can be requested from the Selectmen’s office by calling 508-485-0710.

Of course, the Town still has vacancies on many other committees, including Southborough Housing Opportunity Partnership Committee. If you have questions about the SHOPC position, please contact Town Planner Jennifer Burney at To look at other positions available, click here.

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