Healthy cooking/eating classes for seniors

Left: The Senior Center’s dietitian, and star of a local cooking show, will teach town seniors how to make two quick healthy meals (Photo from Westborough TV)

The Southborough Senior Center has cooked up two new free classes this month to help seniors in town eat better.

Both feature local experts in nutrition.

The first takes place this week:

Make Soups that are Healthy and Tasty!

Wednesday, March 18th Time: 11:30 –12:30

Come to a class given by our dietitian, Karen White!* Karen will demonstrate how to make 2 soups that are quick, easy, not many ingredients and healthy! You will also get the recipes and be able to taste the finished soups! Guaranteed to be fun!!

The second is less about recipes, and more about stocking up to eat/cook healthy:

Pantry Staples

The Health Benefits and Culinary Uses of Star Nutrition Ingredients

Monday, March 30th Time: 10:00am

Everyone has an opinion about what to feed your body. You need to be only the slightest bit interested in food shopping to see the mind-boggling selections in your supermarket of ingredients that can answer the big food-health equation for you. Some of the healthiest, tastiest ingredients are easy to use in new recipes and can also be less expensive than you think.

Please join Barbara Gold, RD, CPC, BayPath’s Nutritionist to hear about Pantry Staples. You will learn about what to have on hand and how to create good, healthy food with star nutrition ingredients.

*Karen White, M Ed, RD, LD  is the Senior Center’s dietitian. She also has her own “Healthy Bites” cooking show on Westborough Cable. The website summarizes her qualifications: 

Karen White is a registered dietician living in Westborough. She started her education at the University of Maine in Farmington and earned an Associates Degree in Nutrition. Karen then transferred to Framingham State College and earned her Bachelors and Masters in Nutrition. Her work experience includes working as a clinical dietician in various hospitals in the Boston area, teaching courses in nutrition, providing community education on topics in nutrition when needed and management for diet offices in the hospital setting. She currently teaches part-time at Framingham State University and would now like to volunteer her knowledge and time in helping people eat better.

You can download past episodes or find recipes here.

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