Algonquin and Assabet robotics: Honors and upcoming NE District Championship

Above: Team 1100 and 175 won honors at recent robotics competitions (photos provided)

Area high schools’ First robotics teams have been hard at work this winter.  Both public high schools for the town competed in FIRST robotics districts. And both brought home honors.

Algonquin Regional High School’s Team 1100 won their district competition in Bryant, RI last weekend. Since teams compete in alliance, the honor was shared with two other teams. 1100 also came home with an award for creative design.

Assabet Valley Retional Technical High School’s AZTECHS 175 also snagged two recent honors. The team didn’t fare as well in the Bryant competition. But they did come home with an award for Excellence in Engineering for their use of 3D printing. The use of that technology already earned them honors at their regional competition in February.

The full list isn’t released yet for the New England District Championships next month. But Algonquin’s district win assures them a spot.

The annual event at WPI is open to the public. This year, it takes place April 9-11. For more details, click here.

Below are recent press releases from the schools/teams announcing the honors. But first, here are some photos they contributed (click to enlarge):

Algonquin Robotics Team Takes Top Prize at New England Competition – March 25:

With trademark chant and uproarious enthusiasm, the award-winning Algonquin Robotics Team soared to new heights this past weekend, winning the District Competition at Bryant University in Rhode Island on March 21-22. The T-Hawks Team 1100 shared the glory with alliance captain Team 1735 from Burncoat High School in Worcester and Team 2523 from St. Johnsbury, Vermont, since in this “varsity sport for the mind,” games are played in alliances of three to foster competition and cooperation. Team 1100 was also honored with the “Creativity Award,” their second Creativity Award this month for this year’s innovative robot. The Creativity Award, sponsored by Xerox Corporation, celebrates creative design in process, execution, or strategy. (read more)

Assabet Valley Robotics Recognized Once Again for Engineering Excellence – March 23:

The Assabet Valley Regional Technical High robotics team, the AZTECHS 157, was on the road again, this time competing in the FIRST Robotics Rhode Island event held at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island this past weekend. After two days of tough competition with 40 other high school teams, paired randomly with two other teams per match, the team finally bowed out in the quarter finals, ending up in 8th place overall. The best part of the weekend, however, was during the Awards ceremony at the end, when the coveted Excellence in Engineering Award was announced. Once again being recognized for their extensive use of 3D printing, the AZTECHS were called down from the spectator stands to receive their trophies. (read more)

Assabet Valley Robotics Brings Home the Hardware – March 1:

The Assabet Valley Regional Technical High robotics team, the AZTECHS 157, successfully competed in the FIRST robotics Granite State Regional event held in Nashua, New Hampshire, this past weekend. After two days of grueling competition, using random alliances of three robots per team, the team finally bowed out in the quarter finals, ending up in 5th place overall. . .

As the various awards were presented at the closing ceremonies, the AZTECHS were thrilled to be awarded the Judges’ Award for their effective and creative use of the technology of the future, having made much of their robot parts on their 3D printers.(read more)

Updated (3/25/15 12:30 pm): I just found some great pics of Team 1100 in Providence Journal. Click here to view.

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John Suraci
8 years ago

Its Not Team 175 Its team 157

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