Contractor checklist from Southborough Police

Above: Don’t rely on a gentlemen’s agreement when it comes to contracting work. Make sure you get your estimates and contract in writing. (Image posted to Flickr by

The snow is shrinking. But what it’s revealing for many of you may be a house in need of repair or yard in need of work. The Southborough Police have issued a notice to help residents from getting ripped off by unscrupulous contractors.

On Facebook, the department shared a checklist to use when hiring a new contractor. They are encouraging us to share it with others:

There is no doubt that this past winter was a long and brutal winter. Some of our residents have experienced significant damage to their home or business, and are now in the process of hiring a contractor for the repair work. We are sharing this “Contractor Checklist”, so that you’ll have some useful information available to you when hiring a new contractor. In the past, we have had many residents report that they were being “scammed”, and/or were having various other issues with a contractor they had hired. We hope that this checklist will help you to avoid having to go through those issues. *Please “Like” and “Share” this checklist with your friends and family.*

Facebook limits the SPD to posting pics of the list. But you can open a printable pdf version here.

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