Delay delayed: Commission postpones bylaw on demolition delay to next Town Meeting (Updated – Not so fast)

The Historical Commission has announced its plan to pull the Demolition Delay Bylaw from the Annual Town Meeting Warrant.

They plan to bring it to the next Town Meeting. In the meantime, they will work on fine-tuning the legal language and convincing the public to support the measure:

Southborough Historical Commission Votes to Postpone Demolition Delay By-Law Until Next Town Meeting

After considerable public input last night, the Southborough Historical Commission has decided by a majority decision to indefinitely postpone the proposed demolition delay bylaw until the next Town Meeting. The decision was made to allow more time to communicate the concept of the by-law to the community and to fine-tune the final text for the sake of legal clarity.

The proposed demolition delay by-law would seek to protect and preserve historically significant buildings and structures within the Town of Southborough, and would encourage owners of such buildings and structures to seek out alternative options to preserve, rehabilitate or restore such buildings rather than to demolish them, thereby preserving the cultural heritage of the Town.

Note: As of April 13th, the decision was reversed. See more recent post for details.

Updated (4/14/15 2:30 pm): Decision reversal noted

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