Reminder/Correction: Looking to save the cows? Public forum – April 26

Above: Many readers were saddened or outraged to hear the beloved Belties would have to leave Breakneck Hill. Now supporters have a chance to step up. (Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

[Editor’s Note: I accidentally listed this in the calendar and events for the week as taking place on Thursday. So, I’m rerunning the post to ensure everyone has the right date!]

For those of you looking to “save” the Breakneck Hill cows, all may not be lost.

Last week, the Breakneck Hill Cow Fund announced the cows would be leaving the hill after this season. Since then, they have received “an outpouring of support” including from town officials.

On [April 8th], the group met to discuss their plans. In a letter  issued [April 9th], they announced the decision to hold a public forum on Sunday, April 26 [4:00 pm in the Barn at 61 Breakneck Hill Road.] Those who are looking to keep the cows at Breakneck Hill will have a chance to offer their support and ideas for solutions.

The fund warns that they have many hurdles to overcome in order to maintain a herd. They are looking for supporters to help with realistic plans.

Here is their announcement:

20150410_BHCF_logoDear Southborough Community,

The outpouring of support to keep the cows in Southborough has been overwhelming. We have received many phone calls, emails, and there have been many posts on MySouthborough expressing sadness that we are considering closing our operations. We have received verbal support and encouragement from Town leaders asking us to figure out a way to keep the cows on the Breakneck Hill Conservation Land. The Breakneck Hill Cow Fund (BHCF) board of directors met last night and decided that holding a public forum to generate realistic ideas to increase fund raising efforts, recruit and retain volunteers, and formulate plans to feed and graze the cows in Southborough is important. We need to give the Community a chance to help us.

While we hope that this public meeting allows for the opportunity to generate ideas that result in a plan that we can realistically implement, we have many hurdles to overcome. We need the public to attend the meeting and come with solutions, a desire to volunteer, and creativity. We will post on our website a list of our challenges and facts about our organization with the intent that it will guide you to ideas that we can make work.
The meeting will be held on Sunday, April 26. Time and place TBD.
Again thank you for your support!

The Breakneck Hill Cow Fund
Laurie, Paul, Chris & Steve

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