Superintendent impresses school committees

Superintendent Christine Johnson received her first annual performance review this June. The superintendent met and/or exceeded expectations of district school committees who indicated she was their ideal candidate for the position last spring. (At the time, they determined not to extend the job search past their only internal candidate, since she was the person they wanted for the job.)

The review was shared at the Combined School Committee meeting by Northborough’s Lynne Winters and Joan Frank with Southborough’s Marybeth Strickland

According to Winters, Strickland and Frank, Johnson received many “proficient” marks. They stressed it is a grade more impressive than it sounds.

The standards set by Mass Board of Education purportedly call for Exemplary to be reserved for the top 5% of performers. Presenters stated that many of the review comments indicated that the proficient marks they gave leaned towards exemplary.

Johnson followed up on the Department of Ed’s “rigorous” standard for proficient. Speaking on behalf of many district teachers that received that rating in the past year, she wanted the public to consider it a high mark. She explained that the district was capped on how many educators they were allowed to submit as exemplary. 

Presenters also shared that members generally found that Johnson met goals. Those that didn’t mark goals as fully met, indicated they were multi-year goals still in process.

The review was followed by an approved raise for 3% in addition to the “contractually obligated cost of living increase”.

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8 years ago

Not sure how she got a good review. She is certainly no Charles Gobron. She has now lost or is losing 3 of her high level administrators, do you really think that is coincidence? In my personal conversations with her she is rude, condescending and certainly thinks it is her way or the highway. I can only imagine how she treats her people if administration is leaving like they are.

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