Training to be superheroes – July 16

Above: Jungle Jim returns to the Southborough Library next week. (Image from his website)

The Southborough Library is bringing back Jungle Jim next Thursday. In keeping with the summer reading program theme, the entertainer is performing “Superhero Training”.

Jungle Jim at Newbury Library earlier this summer (photo from Facebook)

Judging from Facebook posts, like this one of his Green Arrow Routine at Newbury library, it sounds like a good time. (Click to enlarge.)

On his website, he describes:

Fitting with the ALA theme: “Every Hero Has a Story,” Jungle Jim has created a unique performance designed specifically for libraries that caters to children ages 3 – 10. Join Jungle Jim as he leads young patrons through the rigors of what it takes to be a true superhero!

Jungle Jim challenges the audience to see if they have what it takes to be a hero. This program captures their attention by turning patrons into superheroes themselves. The show progresses to talk about the heroes in our daily lives. What is it about them that makes them heroes? Who are the heroes in the children’s lives?

Lastly, Jim will lead the audience through the idea that they can be heroes themselves! We discuss what they can do to achieve this goal: helping out at home, facing their fears, returning library materials on time, etc.

As a reward for the children completing their big challenge, Jungle Jim will meet his toughest challenge and attempt to climb inside of a 6-foot balloon!

The program is scheduled for 2:30 pm on Thursday , July 16. It’s open to the public with no pre-registration required.

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