Police logs (7/7-7/13/15): Five arrests

Police have been busy over the past week, including the making of five arrests. Read about those incidents and more in the latest logs from the Southborough Police Department.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

  • O845 hrs -Assist Citizen with VIN Verification on Richards Rd.
  • 0920 hrs -Suspicious Person on Whistler Ln. Male located and checks out OK.
  • 1007 hrs -Investigative follow up on Turnpike Rd.
  • 1010 hrs -Escort Funeral on Main St.
  • 1035 hrs -Well Being Check on Parkerville Rd. Information passed on to caller.
  • 1206 hrs -Animal Complaint. Stray Golden Retriever. ACO notified.
  • 1221 hrs -Traffic Complaint on Central St. Train lights malfunctioning.
  • 1349 hrs -Well Being Check on East Main St. Information passed to caller.
  • 1530 hrs -Burglar Alarm on Sears Rd. Set off by homneowner.
  • 1601 hrs -MVA with injuries on Turnpike Rd. Non-life threatening. Air bag deployed.
  • 1735 hrs -Medical on Bigelow Rd.
  • 1912 hrs -Harrassing Phone Calls on Oak Hill Rd. Report taken.
  • 2148 hrs -Suspicious Vehicle in area of School St. Checks out OK.
  • 2237 hrs -Suspicious Person at Turnpike and Oak Hill Rd. Unable to locate.
  • 2253 hrs -Field Interview of subject on Turnpike Rd. Given ride to Framingham.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

  • 0757 hrs -Motor Vehicle Stop on East Main St. Female operator from Framingham issued Criminal Application for Operating on a Revoked License and several traffic violations.
  • 0848 hrs -Investigative follow up on Park St.
  • 0925 hrs -MVA with no injury. Turnpike Rd. at Coslin Dr.
  • 0950 hrs -Funeral Escort on Main St.
  • 1112 hrs -Motor Vehicle Stop at General Henry Knox Rd. and Parkerville Rd. Male Operator from Southborough Arrested on warrant. Transported to Westborough District Court.
  • 1115 hrs -Downed wires at Pine Hill and Parmenter Rd. Verizon advised.
  • 1523 hrs -Burlar Alarm activated on Wolfpen Ln. Exterior is secure.
  • 1903 hrs -Firearms Application processed at the Station.
  • 1957 hrs -Suspicious Vehicle on Deerfoot at Turnpike. Operator sent on his way.
  • 2044 hrs -Assist Fire with smoke in building on Sears Rd.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

  • 0109 hrs -Motor Vehicle Stop on Turnpike Rd. at Parkerville Rd. Operator from Derry, New Hampshire Arrested for Driving Under the Influence.
  • 0153 hrs -Burglar Alarm activated on Bay Path Lane. Exterior is secure.
  • 0346 hrs -Assisted Fire Department with Carbon Monoxide Alarm on Deerfoot Rd.
  • 0603 hrs -Burglar Alarm activated on Lovers Ln. Exterior is secure.
  • 0916 hrs -Investigative Follow Up on Brookside Dr.
  • 0935 hrs -Burglar Alarm activated on Cordaville Rd. Exterior is secure.
  • 0943 hrs -Medical on Country Ln.
  • 1000 hrs -Burglar Alarm activated on Cordaville Rd. Exterior is secure.
  • 1401 hrs -Animal Complaint. Lost dog on Valley Rd. ACO notified.
  • 1423 hrs -Burglar Alarm activated on Red Gate Ln. Accidental. Units cleared.
  • 1613 hrs -MVA on River St. Unit investigated.
  • 1847 hrs -Investigative follow up on Turnpike Rd.
  • 2203 hrs -Suspicious person on Turnpike Rd. Subject checks out OK.

Friday, July 10, 2015

  • 0558 hrs -Burglar Alarm activated on Main St. Accidental. Spoke to homeowner.
  • 0625 hrs -Tree down in roadway on woodland Rd. National Grid notified for power line.
  • 0907 hrs -MVA on Turnpike Rd. No injuries.
  • 1115 hrs -Assist Other Agency on Liberty Drive. Lost property located.
  • 1457 hrs -Warrant Arrest on person located in park on Central St. Framingham resident taken into custody. Transported to Westborough District Court.
  • 1547 hrs -Medical at 24 Newton St.
  • 1859 hrs -Lost property recovered at Police Station.
  • 2043 hrs -Well Being Check on Marlboro Rd. Followed up with caller.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

  • 0110 hrs -Traffic Stop on Turnpike Rd. Criminal Application issued to John Cruz (Age 25) of Worcester, MA for Operating on a Suspended License and numerous traffic violations.
  • 0523 hrs -Burglar Alarm activated on Turnpike Rd. Accidental.
  • 0846 hrs -Fire Alarm activated on Deerfoot Rd. Nothing showing. Officers cleared.
  • 0935 hrs -Motor Vehicle Stop on Turnpike Rd. Criminal Application issued to Shrewsbury resident Mohammad Sajid (age 39) for Operating Without a License and numerous traffic violations.
  • 1132 hrs -Lost item dropped off at Station. Owner notified and responded for pick up.
  • 1410 hrs -Fire Alarm Activation on Oregon Rd. Faulty detector.
  • 1525 hrs -MVA at Turnpike and Cordaville Rd. Leaving the scene report taken.
  • 2006 hrs -Mutual Aid provided on MA Pike for MVA.
  • 2008 hrs -Burglar Alarm activated on Turnpike Rd. Building secure.
  • 2107 hrs -9-1-1 Hang up on Turnpike Rd. Accidental.
  • 2206 hrs -Motor Vehicle Stop on Turnpike Rd. Immediate Threat report forwarded to DMV.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

  • 0204 hrs -MVA at Woodland and Breakneck Hill Rd. Car off road. Ted’s responded to tow vehicle. Report taken.
  • 0240 hrs -Motor Vehicle Stop on Boston Rd. Operator [Ashland man] Arrested for O.U.I. and traffic offenses.
  • 0910 hrs -Medical on Turnpike Rd.
  • 1113 hrs -Check Condition on Valley Rd. No problem. Officer cleared.
  • 1156 hrs -Burglar Alarm activated on Willow St. Building secure.
  • 1200 hrs -MVA on Turnpike Rd. Report taken.
  • 1301 hrs -Animal Problem on Stockwell Ln. ACO notified.
  • 1838 hrs -Found Dog on Oak Hill Rd. ACO notified.
  • 1918 hrs – MVA on White Bagley Rd. Report Taken.
  • 1926 hrs -Assist Northboro P.D. with Investigation on Crestview Dr.

Monday, July 13, 2015

  • 0454 hrs -MVA rollover with injury on Boston Rd. with injury. Non-life threatening. Ted’s towed vehicle from scene.
  • 0632 hrs -Disabled Motor Vehicle on Central St. Cleared from roadway.
  • 0813 hrs -MVA on Turnpike at Cordaville Rd. Report taken.
  • 1049 hrs -Suspicious Activity on Oregon Rd. Report taken.
  • 1050 hrs -Funeral Escort from Main St.
  • 1426 hrs -Low wires on Southville Rd. Verizon advised.
  • 1710 hrs -Motor Vehicle Stop on Central St. Operator [Taunton man] Arrested for Operating on a Suspended License.

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