Access problems for Southborough’s public access

Above: You may have noticed SAM hasn’t been playing shows like “Lori Klein Art Studio” this week, favoring instead frequent playback of summer concerts and other Southborough events. There’s a reason for that. (Image left from; right from You Tube)

If you are a viewer of Southborough Access Media online on-demand videos, you may have noticed playback has been down recently. And if you enjoyed public channel programs like “Travels with Jack” or “Wicked Good Food”, you may have been disappointed to see them disappear.

SAM has been plagued by technical issues since a power outage last week. The playback server and on-demand site were damaged. It is still impacting their ability to show syndicated programming and make available on-demand access.

The good news is that our town committee and board meetings covered by SAM are still somewhat available.

The Government Channel is up and running. Currently, pulling up old meetings online is unavailable. But recent meetings are uploaded to their online You Tube channel.

(For some of you that may be a plus. The on-demand site wasn’t friendly with most mobile devices. But if you are reading this post, you should be able to view You Tube.)

As for the public channel, they are “slowly adding programs back to the playback server. Until then, there will be limited programming.” 

It looks like what is temporarily lost is the syndicated programming. SAM’s coverage of local events is still available both on the channel and through You Tube.

SAM staff has been working to repair equipment. But as of this morning, they’ve been out of luck. I’ll let you know if/when on-demand video or syndicated programs become available again.

In the meantime, click here for SAM’s latest programming schedules.

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