Solar Regulation hearing – September 21

Above: Before the Planning Board adopts regulations for commercial solar installations in town, they are holding a  hearing and welcoming questions/comments. (Image posted to Flickr by kateausburn)

Last spring, Town Meeting passed a Solar Bylaw to define the permiting process and standards for commercial solar energy systems 250 kw or greater.

At the time, the Planning Board shared a draft of rules and regulations. However, it was noted that they were not final. Regulations were to be voted on in the future by the Planning Board after a public hearing.

An updated draft of the regs has been posted and the public hearing is now scheduled for September 21st. The public is also invited to email comments in advance.

From Town Planner Jennifer Burney’s blog:

Proposed Solar Regulations

The Planning Board is holding a public hearing on Monday, September 21, 2015 at 7:00pm in the Hearing Room at the Town House located at 17 Common Street, Southborough on its proposed Solar Regulations. The proposed regulations can be found on the Planning Board website at:

Please note the Board has tried to address all concerns brought up at Town Meeting in the proposed regulations. Additionally, Town Counsel has reviewed the proposed regulations and found them in proper order.

As always, we look forward to answering any questions, comments or concerns that you may have; please send to me in advance of the public hearing at

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