SEF Red Apple awards

Above: Students deliver Red Apple Awards to Teachers and School Staff (contributed image, L-R: Nyah Yazdani and Kristen Ahearn, 4th Grade Teacher; Clayton Ryan, Vice Principal Woodard/Finn Schools and L.J. Rose)

The Southborough Education Foundation (SEF) would like to congratulate this year’s Red Apple Award Honorees. The Red Apple Awards are given by parents to school adminstrators, educators and staff members to show their appreciation. “We are thrilled at this year’s response. We raised almost $3500,” said Amy Yazdani, President of SEF. “Awards can be given all year but parents give them most often at holiday time and at the end of the school year.”

Parents can make a donation to SEF and certificates are printed with the student’s name are given as a gift to the teachers and staff members. The monies raised are used to fund educational grants throughout the year. Grants funded in years past include: an outdoor classroom, Intro to Coding thru STEM Legos/Dash & Dots Robots, Enhanced Circuit Labs for Physics and 1:1 iPads in the Physics Classroom.

Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients: 

Algonquin: Lisa Albertelli, Cindy Calcagni, Caitlin Hines, Chris Kelt, Jen Mullin, Frank Nellenback, Lisa Pagan
Finn: Jill Benson, Jen Benson, Dale Burgess, Rebecca Congdon, Lauren Dayotas, Jean Donlon, Katrina Foley, Sandra Heberlig, Suzanne Hughes, Carissa Jenkins, Mary Jo Hjerpe, Amanda Lippert, Tom McCabe, Pennie Morse, Katie Najarian, Julie North, Joan Ormberg, Kristen Peterson, Mrs. Pintard, Clayton Ryan, Elizabeth Scrivani, Tricia Silva, Ann Thurber, Elizabeth Tinglof, Ms. Toomy, Catherine Wilson
Neary: Kristen Ahern, Jessica Bennett, Kim Collins, Stephen Curtis, Amy Dolen, Kelly Farrell, Sheila Finnegan, Joy Head, Mary Ellen Shields, Miriam Soldo, Jen Turieo, Greg Wallack
Trottier: Robin Boucher, Jamison Clark, Palmina Griffin, Pamela Lunder, Mrs. Okacha, Sandy Scordato, Tom St. Pierre
Woodward: Colleen Black, Jennie Bogaert, Monica Coyle, Margaret Daly, Heather Dubois, Aylssa Foy, Allison Garand, Lisa Goulet, Lisa Guccione, Jillian Jones, Kelly Lehane, Heidi Mcclean, Mrs. Mirsky, Susan Murphy, Gwen Robison, Donna Sergi, Jennifer Serra, Lori Winer

To find out more about SEF, the Red Apple Awards or to pledge your support, please go to

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