Historical Society Museum hours this Sunday: Learn more about the Burnett’s legacy in Southborough

Above: The town’s museum is welcoming the public this Sunday. (Photo from Historical Society Facebook page)

The Southborough Historical Society Museum is opening its doors this Sunday from 1:00-3:00 PM.

Volunteers are inviting the public to learn more about the Burnett family legacy and its integral part of Southborough history and landscape:

Come on by and find out how vanilla beans and jersey cows helped shape your town. Were it not for the ingenuity, business acumen, dedication to quality and the generosity of the Burnett family, the center of Southborough today might look more like the center of Northborough.

Talk to Deborah Costine and me about our short guided walking tour near the Deerfoot Road dam. We would welcome the chance to share with you what we have discovered – all pertinent to the value of the property at 84 Main.

If you are walking-challenged we can position you in one spot, rotate you 360 degrees, and with photographs from the Massachusetts Archives, records from the US National Park Service Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, and the Massachusetts Horticultural Society prove that you never knew what you thought you knew.

Of course, their interest in educating the community relates to recent news on the Burnett estate. The property owner recently issued a warning that preservation of the estate and stone house are at risk. 

One week ago, Jon Delli Priscoli said an agreement must be reached immediately with an article prepared for Annual Town Meeting. Otherwise, he will need to consider other options for the property.

The museum is located at 25 Common Street, behind Pilgrim Church.

For more information on the museum, click here. For past coverage of the Burnett estate, click here.

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Allan Bezanson
6 years ago

The reference to Northborough was mine, and no way did I mean to disparage our neighbor. I was a Northborough townie, growing up there in the 40’s. I love the town and have a pretty clear recollection of how it was then – much smaller than Southborough is today. Every other day I was all over the town delivering milk from our dairy. Now Northborough’s center is traffic-challenged to say the least, with the architecture of retail businesses contrasting with the beautiful stately homes on East Main. I am not a Southborough townie, having lived here for only 47 years.

6 years ago

I visited the Museum and I had a great time, very informative! Many thanks to all the volunteers. The old maps are really interesting.

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