SEMA warning: 4-6″ of snow, with pockets of 8″ (Updated)

Above: The National Weather Service is forecasting the morning to start of messy with possible rain and snow overlap (Image cropped from National Weather Service website)

Uh oh. It’s looking like there might not be school tomorrow morning.

That isn’t an official cancellation. (If school is cancelled or delayed, you’ll likely hear about that through an early morning phone call!)

At this point things are fairly uncertain. The National Weather Service is forecasting:

Snow, mainly before noon. High near 34. North wind 9 to 13 mph, with gusts as high as 29 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible.

Southborough Emergency Management issued this announcement an hour ago:

Throughout the course of the day the forecast for the approaching snow storm for tonight through Friday has dramatically changed from a Coating – 1” this morning to a current (Winter Storm Warning) forecast of 4-6” with pockets of 8” in the Southborough area. The time line for snow fall is Friday 1am thru 3pm. There is a possibility that warmer temperatures may move further north/west which would decrease the snow totals and result in heavy rain.

Usually 4-6 inches is not much of a concern, but two factors of concern are attached to this system
1. The timing will impact morning (and throughout the day) travel.

a. Schools and businesses will want to stay tuned to forecast updates and take steps to have employees work proxy if an option and made closure decisions

2. This will be a heavy wet snow (which we have not seen is a few years) accompanied by long duration strong winds. This combination presents a high potential for downed tree limbs and powerline, leading to isolated power outages.

a. Temperatures will however remain near freezing so we do not need to overly concern ourselves with dangerous and damaging cold hazards

Updated (2/4/16 7:47 pm): Southborough Recreation announced that their free Share the Love party for toddlers is postponed until next Friday, February 12th.

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