Photo Gallery: After the storm

Above: Readers graciously shared their beautiful photos of our town after Friday’s storm. (Photo by Lauren McAuliffe)

Friday’s storm messed with commuters and parents with school kids. It caused accidents and downed power lines.

But it also left behind a landscape that had many of us in awe. (And kids in their glory.)

With another storm coming in today, you may already be sick of the snow. But the images below shared by readers or on social media are too beautiful not to post! (I also threw in a couple of my own.)

Click on thumbnails to enlarge images. (To share your own pics, email

Reservoir after the storm by Jennifer Cunningham Photo by Jane Smith  Photo by Jane Smith  Photo by Chelsea_Bradway

Photo by Beth Melo  Photo by Beth Melo   photo by Lauren McAuliffe

And here are some great snapshots of Southborough that Instagram users shared with the world:

This one dates back to the previous snowfall/melt. But I couldn’t resist sharing:

  A photo posted by Priya (@priyapastiche) on

Meanwhile, Southborough News shared the not-so-pretty side of Friday’s storm on Facebook:

Storm damage at 911 Field, from the 2/5/16 storm.

Posted by on Sunday, February 7, 2016

But on Twitter, SouthboroughNews reminded us that things have been much worse:

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Pat D
6 years ago

Love seeing the swans and knowing they are weathering winter just fine!

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