Town asking residents to answer Open Space & Recreation survey

Above: Playgrounds, forests, or soccer fields? What do you think the Town should prioritize? Should tax dollars go towards purchasing more land for them? (center photo by Susan Fitzgerald, others by Joao Melo)

How important (or not) is Open Space to you? What should (or shouldn’t) the Town do to protect it?

What about athletic/recreation fields and facilities? Or historic properties?

The Town is gauging residents’ interest in and commitment to increasing recreation areas and/or open space protection. Presumably, those findings will impact the new Open Space and Recreation Plan in development.

When I took the survey, I was confused by Question 10. So before sharing the link, I’ll share the answer I got.

In answering “How often do you visit or use the following for recreation during a year?”, please include use through town leagues or recreation programs (e.g., children’s soccer practices and basketball games).

To complete the survey, click here.

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