Student achievements: Jazz honors, adapting menus, and

Above: AHRS Jazz I celebrates its district gold. (photo tweeted by @ARHSJazz)

Time to round up a few more student achievements from news and social media.

Southborough twins bring vegetarian options to school lunch menu Community Advocate
Neary students advocated for, and got, increased diversity to a school menu. As vegetarians, Simi and Sia were disappointed in the meat-heavy food offerings on the school cafeteria menu.

The story is notable as much for the girls’ respectful and saavy methods of effecting change as for their success and the administration’s willingness to adapt:

Determined to be an agent for change, Simi petitioned the school for vegetarian lunch options. In what she called “Project Lunch,” she scripted a letter to Cafeteria Manager Carol Nocera, requesting that the school lunch menu include “hot, healthy vegetarian lunch choices.” They also volunteered to provide recipes and advice to the cafeteria staff. Among the vegetarian options that both Simi and Sia would like added to the menu are bean and cheese quesadillas, veggie burritos, meatless chili and veggie wraps.

After receiving the petition and meeting with Simi and Sia, Nocera agreed to expand the lunch menu to include vegetarian options. She has put in an order for veggie burgers which should arrive in a few weeks and offered to prepare meat dishes without the meat on request.

Jazz honors@ARHSJazz
Algonquin Jazz bands racked up more honors again this year at the MAJE (Massachusetts Association for Jazz Education) festival.

ARHS Jazz I brought home the gold medal for the Central District. Member Connor Jenks took home the Central District festival MVP award for outstanding musicianship.

The group will move on to play at the state festival on March 19th. ARHS Jazz II didn’t do too shabby either, earning a silver medal.

Metrowest Seniors named candidates for US Presidential Scholars program – Metrowest Daily News
Southborough’s Olivia Iverson was listed as one of the elite group of students chosen for the honor. The program website explains:

Application is by invitation only. We invite students to apply based on their scores on the SAT or ACT exam or their nomination by a Chief State School Officer or nomination from one of our partner recognition organizations

According to the article, the Algonquin student is one of 4,000 selected. With a pool of 3.3 million eligible students, that puts her in the top 0.13%.

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