Representative Dykema honored twice – for supporting veterans and recreation

Above: Chris Robbins presents Representative Dykema a Challenge Coin on behalf of Worcester’s Armed Forces Committee (contributed photos)

Recently, I received news on our state representative about two different honors she earned. (Impressively, neither notice came to me from her office.) 

At last week’s Annual Mass Recreation & Park Conference, Representative Dykema was recognized (in absence) as Legislator of the Year for her efforts and support on the 911 Memorial Field facility.

Southborough Recreation Director Doreen Ferguson plans to present the award to her at tonight’s public forum for Southborough residents with the Department of Conservation. (Dykema and Senator Jamie Eldridge are sponsoring that event on DCR watershed and town properties.)

Earlier this month, the representative was honored for her separate work supporting military veterans.

Southborough’s Chris Robbins issued the following release on behalf of the Armed Forces Committee of Worcester County:

Rep. Carolyn Dykema receives Armed Forces Committee Award advocating for Veterans

Representative Carolyn Dykema (D-Holliston), founder of the MetroWest Veteran’s Consortium, hosted the Friday, March 11th meeting at Hudson’s Town Hall to review important issues concerning veterans. During the session, Chris Robbins, resident of Southborough, a veteran and President of the Armed Forces Committee of Worcester County (celebrating 89 years honoring veterans), presented Rep. Dykema with a Challenge Coin to express the Committee’s deep appreciation for her exceptional commitment to the needs of veterans.

“This uniquely designed Coin is symbolic of our military heritage, our Armed Forces Committee’s identity and honors those who provide outstanding service in support of those who serve and served this great nation.” Robbins noted, “Rep. Dykema’s accomplishments include assisting veterans with supportive legislation, addressing transportation needs and starting a veteran’s internship program at Framingham State University.

These are just a few examples of her exceptional commitment to serving our military and veterans. We cannot thank you enough.” Robbins indicated, “receiving and carrying a Challenge Coin is a time honored tradition throughout the military and law enforcement agencies. These beautifully minted coins / medallions are carried at all times. We wish that you too will honor this sacred tradition to show your Challenge Coin and affiliation with the Armed Forces Committee when you meet with the women and men who serve and served this wonderful nation.”

Rep. Dykema thanked the Armed the Forces Committee: “I am honored and flattered to receive this special award. I will cherish this Challenge Coin as a reminder of the special bond I have with the members of the Committee, the MetroWest Consortium, and all the veterans we serve. Working with the veteran’s community is one of the best parts of my job.”

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mike fuce
8 years ago

I am not a Democrat, and I do not believe on all of Dykma’s beliefs (abortion, gay marriage and spending) BUT, she is a good example of following the law and pretty much a constitutionalist. Her office has always been helpful and courteous when called as well unlike so many other politicians and those that work in their offices. Thank you for supporting and working for our veterans.

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