Honey Festival at the farm – Saturday (Updated)

Above: The next event at Chestnut Hill Farm is all about the bees (image from Southside Apiaries Facebook page)

The Trustees of Reservations are holding a sweet event at Chestnut Hill Farm this weekend. On Saturday, August 13th, the farm will host a Honey Festival from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

A day of all thing’s bee’s and that delicious thing called honey! We’ll have honey tasting and cooking, bee related crafts and activities, a chance to meet our beekeeper and learn more about the hives, tours of the farm and more as we celebrate the tiny animals that make our fruits and vegetables grow and learn how to keep our bees healthy and happy.

There is an admission fee: $15 per member or for nonmembers $25 per Family or group.

One “healthy and happy” tip that the farm already shared through the blog is that bees need water. Earlier this month Farm Manager Desiree Robertson-Dubois posted about the plight of local pollinators due to the drought and how we can help: 

The bees are miserable, according to our beekeeper, the flowers are not making as much nectar as they usually do and honey production is down compared to usual amounts. A good deed for right now to help our native pollinators and our honeybee friends is to make a bee waterer by placing a shallow dish filled with glass marbles (or use a birdbath if you have one) and then fill the dish and marbles with just enough water to leave a little of the marbles showing. This provides a safe place for the bees to land and drink. You can also use flat rocks in place of marbles. I also have a soaker hose that I use in one of the house garden beds- I allow it to fill with water and run for an hour in the evening- this stays full of water and allows the bees (and other important pollinator insects!!!) to get a drink as well.

Updated (8/12/16 7:08 am): The event runs until 2:00 pm (not noon).

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