Selectmen to review Citizen Petition articles and hold Flagg Road Safety Forum

The Board of Selectmen are making good on a promise to residents living on and off of Flagg Road. The board will hold a Flagg Road Safety Forum a week from tonight.

The date is posted on the board’s agenda for this week. The agenda also shares that selectmen will be going over three Citizen Petition Articles tomorrow night (Tuesday, September 6). Those petitions cover Main Street, eliminating Use Variances, and Rescinding Town adoption of an Industrial Development Commission.

Presumably, the petition on gating Flagg Road will be raised at next week’s forum.

At their August 23rd meeting, selectmen fielded comments from upset Flagg Road residents. It was one of several discussions selectmen have held on Flagg Road since a report on possible safety measures for the road was posted in May.

Several commenters were angry about a perceived rush by the Zoning Board of Appeals to approve Park Central. And most were worried about the impact the project would have on road safety.

The board reassured residents that they shared concerns. Selectman John Rooney told residents that if Flagg Road is already unsafe, adding more traffic to it increases the hazards. They promised (again) to hold a forum dedicated to the issue.

That meeting will be held on Monday, September 12, 6:30 pm at the Senior Center (9 Cordaville Road).

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mark dassoni
7 years ago

as a Ashland citizen watch dog, I got interested about Flagg road issues reasons: the citizens who live on road are not being completely heard by the Zoning Board on road conditions, my suggestion is to measure width of road and find out by weights and class of vehicles should and should not be allowed to be on that road, plus closing off rte. 9 traffic to go on Flagg rd ,and by no left turn on Deerfoot to flagg only residences who live there is allowed,school buses should use deerfoot and lovers lanes during school hours only,that should aid citizens on flagg.rd.mark dassoni

Make a difference
7 years ago
Reply to  mark dassoni

Thanks Mark. Excellent advice. Appreciate your interest!

mark dassoni
7 years ago

it my way of getting all on right page and to hear,listen,and compromise to get positive results,mark dassoni

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