Movie filming may begin in Southborough this month

Above: The long-vacant country store’s parking lot and entrances will be among the backgrounds of scenes featured in Super Troopers 2. (photo left by Susan Fitzgerald)

The production team behind a lowbrow “raucus” comedy will begin filming a long awaited sequel in town this month. (No, Grown Ups isn’t returning.)

The request came in under the name “Almond Benefits 2”. Last night, a production rep confirmed to selectmen that movie is actually Super Troopers 2.

If you never heard of it, you aren’t alone. Apparently, the low budget 2001 film didn’t make a big splash in theaters. But it was a success that developed a cult following. A cult loyal enough to fund this sequel.*

Last night, the Board of Selectmen approved the production’s request to film scenes in town and set up detours. The action should take place Thursday, September 29 from 7:00 am – 4:00 pm. Southborough Wicked Local reports that it could also take place on the 30th, depending on the weather. (The article also shares more details on locations, scenes and uses. Scroll down for that.) And the article references night scenes.

The crew is planning to film by Pizza 19 and the old Country Gourmet on Framingham Road. Another scene at Jericho Hill & Williams Road on the Marlborough border requires a traffic detour in the vicinity. There would be a night scene that requires a generator and light. Selectwoman Bonnie Phaneuf questioned the disruption to area residents during the night scene.

Location Manager Stephen Rutland assured that he would work with neighbors.

Last year, scenes were filmed at Quabbin Reservoir. More filming on the production began in Hopkinton today.

The last time Hollywood came to town, a lot of big names filmed scenes here, including Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. This time, you’re less likely to recognize the cast, which features Brian Cox, Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske, and Paul Soter.

Southborough Wicked Local reports:

The outside of the former Country Gourmet will be used as a bar in the film.

“We will film a scene where actors are driving down Framingham Road and they pull into it and exit their car and enter the bar,” Hartman said. “The interior of the bar will be shot somewhere else.”

He said the shots will require a vehicle rigged with camera equipment. The work will require a detail officer.

A private home on Upland Road will be used for interior shots later that day.

Hartman said a “more involved” scene the next day on Marlborough/Southborough line.

“It is principally in Marlborough,” he said.

He said the crew will construct a billboard where an officer will conduct a speed trap.

“When the car goes by them they pull out and hit a light pole across the street,” he said. The crew will install its own pole, he said.

Hartman said he met with Police Chief Ken Paulhus last week to work out the detail officer and traffic flow.

Selectman Bonnie Phaneuf asked about lighting and generators during a night scene that will film on Framingham Road. Hartman said they are looking to use one light parked in a resident’s driveway.

“We will work with the neighbors,” he said.

*From what I’ve found online, the original comedy featuring the Broken Lizard comedy troop became a cult classic. But with studios looking only to invest in high budget, high impact productions, the writers had to turn to fans for funding.

They secured a distribution deal with Fox Searchlight. Their basic need was a $2 million to make the film. Additional funding was requested to help make the movie better. As of this afternoon, their Indiegogo page shows $4,572,608 raised through contributions to the film.

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7 years ago

Super Troopers is an incredible cult comedy. Best first 10 minutes of any comedy movie ever. It’s exciting that some scenes from the sequel are being filmed around here.

Donna McDaniel
7 years ago

A couple of history notes inspired by the location of the movie– the original farm and /market … were very well known as the Buffalo Farm… YES.. a small but real live herd of buffalos lived (or should we say “roamed” across the way under the care of Arthur St. Maurice, a very colorful character in the positive sense who, besides tending to the store and the lovely old house across the way, tended the herd.. I’d guess maybe four or five? Anyone remember? The store featured any number of unusual items like venison and imported goodies and wines …whatever, I wasn’t a good customer butl loved stop by to see him. St. Maurice was also a Selectman around the late 60s and I’m proud to report contributed some refreshments for my campaign celebration. (Oh, gosh.. no, doesn’t mean he got special treatment!)
There were postcards and other souvenirs of the steady flow of tourists who came out to the wild west of Southborough. It’s true that in certain circles if we mentioned the town we came from, the immediate response would be “oh, home of the buffalos!” Note too the road called “Buffalo Run” going off just south of the house going toward the reservoir. I wonder how many Buffalo Run occupants know what they missed!
The next home for the herd (down to a few) was the farm at the intersection where thee northern end of Chestnut Hill Road and after that, well, sorry, I lost track. Anyone remember?

Frank Crowell
7 years ago

I hope the contract negotiated included proper crediting. In the movie “Grown Ups” where a significant portion was filmed in Southborough, there is not one single reference in the credits at the end of the movie. There was a lot of help by a lot of people in town for that movie, not to mention a lot of disruption. I have boycotted every Adam Sandler movie since. Fairly sure I have not missed much.

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