Is your cat lost?

Above: A frequent night visitor near Finn School (photo cropped from contributed night camera image)

I have another request from a concerned resident about a potentially lost cat. Apparently the “bobtail cat” has begun turning up in her yard recently.

(image cropped from contributed photo)
(click to enlarge)

The visits are a new occurance and the cat is collarless. So, she’s wondering if it’s a lost cat. Her property is near Finn School (which is on the corner of Richards and Parkerville roads.)

If the cat is your’s, post a comment or email me and I’ll put you in touch.

(Or post a comment letting us know it’s your cat, but it’s not lost – just a late night wanderer!)

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5 years ago

I believe this is a feral cat, we seem to have a colony of these Manx (no tail, stubby tail) cats here on the south side of Town. We have been leaving dry food out them for a couple years now. I have seen gold in color, solid black, tiger like above and calico. I have heard many have been caught through a TNR (trap, neuter, release) program so the population does not continue to grow. Poor babies break my heart.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Thank you for letting me know. I have lived here for many years and I didn’t know about that colony. That is heartbreaking.

Taylor Bragg
5 years ago

Hi, I believe this is my lost cat from a few weeks ago named Livy. She is a tan/brown cat and did lose her collar. We live on 201 Parkerville Rd and please contact me at 617-797-8278 or

Tim L.
5 years ago

This looks alot like our lost cat, Cody. We lost him 4 weeks ago. He’s black and grey, tiger striped, thin and long when he lays out, and a wanderer! We live on Banfill, off Fairview. Please call me at 508-481-7852. Thank you!

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