Enjoy valentine treats and kitchen chat with author Pat Jackman Altomare

Above: If hearing from an author about the emotional experiences behind the recipes in her book isn’t enough to pull you out of your house on a February night, maybe a bite of her fudge cake is!
(image left from Altomare’s blog, right from amazon)

The Southborough Library will host an author night next week. This one comes with a special incentive to attend – chocolate.

Author Pat Jackman Altomare will share samples from here recipes for Chocolate Fudge Cake and cookies. She’ll also be giving out recipe handouts and tips.

The author of “Not Just a Recipe: Celebrating People, Places and Food” will speak about her book, her experiences as a newspaper columnist for the past ten years, and her love of cooking and “kitchen chat”.

The event takes place on Thursday, February 9 at 7:00 pm.

Amazon describes Altomare’s Not Just a Recipe as more than just a cookbook:

Author night flyer Pat Jackman Altomare
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For over ten years, Pat Jackman Altomare shared beloved recipes from her vast inherited collection through over five hundred newspaper columns that highlighted a sense of home, family, and traditions created by strong women in her past.

In Not Just a Recipe, Altomare not only shares traditional recipes from her family as well as other home cooks from around the world, but also provides proven kitchen tips and homemade gift ideas, recipe reviews and comments, and food memories.

The author’s blog further explains:

With over a decade of experience posting cherished family and reader recipes in her newspaper column, Pat Jackman Altomare shares with us the emotions and experiences that live behind the recipe. In her upcoming book, Not Just a Recipe. . . Pat celebrates the joys of the table through these stories as well as her own food passions and travels.

She writes about herself:

I have a connection to the kitchen; collecting recipes, big family dinners and cooking traditional favorites bring a balance to my life.

In my twenties, I cared for ill parents of a large Italian family in Waltham. From them I learned to make authentic Italian sauces, pasta dishes, soups, etc. When I married into an Italian family I was in my element as I learned to make Ricotta pie, pastina soup with little meatballs, and stuffed calamari.

I inherited hundreds of recipes from my mother and grandmothers and wanted to see these recipes used and enjoyed, not put in a box never to be seen again.

I’d like to share these family recipes, along with my collection of recipes; the old and new coming together.

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