Video: Southborough-native rapper feels “good to be a Patriot”

Above: Rapping under the name “Chicken Noodle Coop” a Southborough native shares his love for Tom Brady (images from YouTube)

Are you getting pumped up for Sunday? Feeling “Patriot”ic?

One native son has put his enthusiasm for the Pats and Tom Brady in words, and those words to music.

Southborough Wicked Local writes that though now living in New York City, Southborough native Charlie Cooper is still a devout Pats fan. And he’s using a rap video to tell the world why he knows Tom Brady is “the greatest”:

“Tom Brady has become the essence of winning and being a villain, almost, because he’s so successful, and I wanted people to take a step back from the now and realize just how amazing his career has been,” said Cooper.

I’m no music critic. But one line keeps echoing in my head. So, I’m guessing on Sunday, at least a few of you will be rapping, “Damn, It Feels Good to be a Patriot.”

You can read more about Cooper here.

Better yet, watch his video below:

It’s not Cooper’s first Pats themed video. If you enjoyed that, you may want to check out “Calling All Pats Fans” from the start of the season.

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Amy Fitzgerald
7 years ago

Love, love, love this. Thanks for sharing & Go Pats!!

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