Video: Raising Digital Natives

(video posted to YouTube by SAM)

[Editor’s Note: I know that not all of my readers are raising children. This post is geared to the ones who are. That doesn’t mean other readers won’t have any interest.]

Do you, like me, worry about the impact of new technology and increasing screen time on your children?

How much freedom should I allow? What limits are too restrictive? How hypocritical am I being?

An expert spoke to Southborough parents this month. Her focus was on helping kids thrive in the digital world.

Southborough Youth and Family Services’ brought in Devorah Heitner, PhD as part of their Southborough Unplugged initiative. SYFS began the initiative in response to concerns they heard from parents struggling to help their family find balance with devices.

On her website, Heitner explains that technology offers huge potential for our kids, if we help.

Through proper mentoring, we can “set kids up for a lifetime of success in a world where they are likely to find a job, meet their spouse, and build their reputations in interactive, digital communities.” 

The event was co-sponsored by The Friends of the Southborough Library and Southborough Village Preschool. It took place at the Southborough Library on February 1st, and Southborough Access Media recorded it to share.

I actually haven’t had time to watch the presentation yet. But today, I’m at home with the kids more interested in playing on video games and watching YouTube videos than playing in the snow.

So, while they’re staring at their videos, I’m hoping I’ll find time to watch this one. But before I hit play, I wanted to offer the same chance to readers in the same boat.

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