Are you heading to Town Meeting Tonight?

Above: Special Town Meeting convenes at 7:00 pm night. Will you be there? (photo by Chris Wraight)

If you have been reading posts on this blog, it’s pretty hard to miss that tonight is Special Town Meeting. (7:00 pm at Trottier Middle School auditorium.)

Are you on the fence about attending?

Think of it this way, Southborough voters are the legislative branch of our Town Government. You’d be pretty mad if our reps in Congress were skipping out on important votes.

(Of course we elect and pay them. Town Meeting voters are volunteers and most people have busy schedules. So, I understand if you can’t make it. I just think it’s worth making an effort to try.)

If you are planning to go (or considering it), here are some important details:

    1. What to do with your kids – Southborough Recreation is coordinating a babysitting service with requested donations of $5/child or $15/family. Click here for details.
    2. Parking and check in – Officials are trying to kick off the meeting promptly at 7pm. To that end they are encouraging carpooling, offering shuttles from the Neary School lot, and improving the check in process. For details, click here.
    3. What’s on the line? 
      • Articles 1-4 cover decisions on the Public Safety Building and St. Mark’s Golf Course impacting the resources for emergency personnel, your tax bill, and a 60 acre chunk of beautiful, undeveloped land in our Town. (Confused as to where you stand? As I said before, you don’t need to have all the details and your mind made up. Presentations will be made tonight and residents will get a chance to ask questions.)
      • Article 5 is on whether or not to create a standing committee on Technology for the Town.
      • Articles 6-8 cover decisions on processes to recall/remove Town officials and decentralize boards’ access to legal counsel
    4. What’s to eat? Girl Scouts will be selling refreshments and boxes of cookies in the Trottier lobby tonight. So bring some cash with you. (Confession – I’m selfishly throwing this one in here, because my daughter is one of the scouts!)

Hope to see a good number of you at Trottier tonight!

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