Public Forum on Citizen Petion Articles for Recall, Removal, and Independent Counsel

Proponents of three Citizen Petition Articles are holding a public forum next Thursday evening. The articles are holdovers from the Special Town Meeting. The STM warrant will be re-opened during Annual Town Meeting which opens on April 25th.

Forum on ATM articles 6-8
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The forum will focus on STM Articles 6-8:

  • STM Article 6 – (Citizen Petition) Removal Bylaw for Elected Officials: Would ask state legislature to approve language allowing process to recall elected officials.
  • STM Article 7 – (Citizen Petition) Removal of Appointed Board/Committee/Commission Members: Would outline process for removing appointed officials.
  • STM Article 8 – (Citizen Petition) Independent Counsel for Elected Boards and Officers: Would allow boards/committees authority to hire independent counsel when special counsel is conflicted out of representing the board. (Currently, boards/committees need to seek approval by the Board of Selectmen.)

Sponsors will present information on and answer questions about the articles.

The forum takes place Thursday, April 20, 7:00 pm at the Community House, 28 Main Street.

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mark dassoni
7 years ago

this is one great thing for citizens, voters, taxpayers get to do, even though I live in Ashland I probably show to listen, Mark Dassoni .

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