Caring for older trees – Saturday

The day after Arbor Day, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is holding a public event for tree lovers. They are inviting anyone who wants to learn how to care for old trees to come on out:

Join Andy Balon of Bartlett Tree Experts at St. Mark’s Church on Saturday, April 29th at 10:30am to learn how to care for older trees.

St. Mark’s beautiful Beech tree in their courtyard between the Parish House and the Church building will be treated. Andy will discuss and show how to

  • Aerate the soil and amend the area with compost
  • Prune branches hanging over a building and removing dead limbs
  • Fertilize a tree and treat Gypsy Moths and bark canker
  • Install support cables

The Southborough Community is invited and encouraged to attend this special program free of charge.

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